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Windows Phone 8 Superguide bundle — $7.99

It can show you all of your social media updates in one screen, it’s almost endlessly customizable, and it smoothly integrates with your other machines, be they desktops, smartphones, or tablets. Windows Phone 8 is a major upgrade from the previous incarnation, and it continues to gain fans and supporters because it does things in a distinctly different way than other mobile operating systems. As the OS matures, Microsoft is adding more and more functionality and apps, and more and more people are realizing there’s definitely a space for it in the smartphone market. We put this book together not only to show off what Windows Phone 8 is capable of, but also to provide a resource for users who have recently taken the plunge and purchased a Windows Phone 8 handset. We want you to get to know every nook and cranny in your Windows Phone 8 device, from Live Tiles to Xbox SmartGlass and everything in between. With such a customizable OS, you should know exactly what your Windows Phone 8 device is capable of and how to make it work best for you. We're proud to present this Windows Phone 8 Superguide: It provides extensive detail on handsets, features, and functions, and it’s an excellent resource and reference if you’re new to the OS or thinking about switching over. The guide lists which handsets run Windows Phone 8 and describes the options they offer, gives a full account of how to customize settings, and provides information on all of Windows Phone 8’s great new features. We hope you enjoy our superguide, but, more important, we hope you’ll enjoy Windows Phone 8 as much as we do. It’s a unique OS, and we’re pleased to recommend it.


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